Germany’s Combat Helmets 1933-1945: A Modern Study

By Ken Niewiarowicz

This Modern Study begins with an examination of the Model 1935 helmet and shows details of the earliest produced specimens by five separate manufacturers. Painted finishes and insignia are pictured and described in detail. Later modifications of shell, component and decal design are explained in further separate chapters on the M40, M42 and re-issue helmets....

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The Wehrpaß and Soldbuch of the Wehrmacht
By A. Scapini/A. Gorzanelli

The Wehrpaß and Soldbuch of the Heer, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, and Waffen-SS are covered in great detail in this book. Each version is translated into English and the meaning and purpose for every entry is explained...

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The Party Badge
By Jo Rivett

With over 500 pages and more than 2,000 color photos, author, Jo Rivett presents the history, the designs, the manufacturing and intrinsic details of the Party Badges of the NSDAP. Never has this topic been covered in this depth. A detailed chapter on the Golden Party Badges rounds...  Click here for more...

The German Luftwaffe & Heer Paratrooper Badges of World War II - 1936-1945
By Thomas Durante

This comprehensive guide illustrates each and every maker of the German Luftwaffe and Heer para-trooper badges of WWII. All eleven manufacturers are methodically presented in unrivalled detail and clarity...

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U.S. Army Soldiers And Their Chevrons

By William K. Emerson,
Ltc. U.S. Army

An Illustrated Catalog and History from the Revolutionary War to Present.  This significant work includes many new illustrations and photographs showing soldiers wearing chevrons throughout the history of the US Army. This 446 page book includes 634 color illustrations, plus 286 interesting historic black and white photos.  Details are extensively footnoted.

   Illustrated summary tables catalog and show each authorized chevron as well as widely worn unofficial chevron designs.  All include titles and dates...

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German Cross in Gold
Holders of the SS and Police Volume 7
“Wiking:” Adolph to Kempcke

by Mark C. Yerger

Assisted by Ignacio Arrondo

The first of two volumes, "Wiking" Part I includes the most detailed Combat Elements chapter of the series to date in both text and photos. The divisional commanders are also covered in expanded text detail and unpublished images...

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Heroes In Our Midst: Vol. 2

By LTC (ret.) John R. Angolia

assisted by Jake Powers

Military Consulting Service Provided By George A. Petersen

This second volume of “Heroes in Our Midst” continues the in-depth study of everything airborne-related. The Troop Carrier Command chapter outlines training and tactical operations, the aircraft used, uniforms and insignia, plus 116 Troop Carrier squadron patches. The Pathfinders are covered in similar fashion showing their uniforms and insignia, and their specialized radar, lighting and signal equipment. The massive chapter on Glider Troops covers tactical glider development and operations, plus uniforms and...

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