Postcards of Hitler’s Germany, Volume 3

By Roger James Bender

After extensive years of research, the third volume of this series is finally available. As with the first two volumes, it chronologically covers official issues, "printed to private order" for special events and propaganda cards for the years 1940-1945. For added interest, the colorful cards from annexed and and occupied countries are also included: Austria, Bohemia and Moravia, Poland, Alsace and Lorraine, Latvia, Ukraine, Serbia, Albania, the Island of Rhodes, just to name a few. This volume will be of particular value to collectors as it is almost 100% full color, to include all the imprinted stamps. This allows for close scrutiny of the various overprints and the identification of the numerous color variations. If you love the study of postcards, be prepared to be immersed in more color and variant details than ever before.
304 pages
 over 1000 cards illustrated (most in color)
deluxe binding
Price: $54.95