Red Shines the Sun: A Pictorial History of the Fallschirm-Infanterie

By Eric Queen

A culmination of 12 years of research, this reference work traces the history of the Army paratroopers of the Fallschirm-Infanterie from their origins in 1937, to the expansion to battalion strength in 1938, then on through operations at Wola Gulowska (Poland), and Moerdijk (Holland). This 240 page comprehensive look at their history is supported by 600 images, many of which are in full color, and nearly 90% are previously unpublished. This work also features original examples of nearly all documents awarded to the Army paratroopers, as well as the most comprehensive study to date of the Army paratrooper badge or Fallschirmschützenabzeichen (Heer). Original examples of all known variations (silver, aluminum, cloth, feinzink) are pictured in full color. If you are interested in owning one of these badges, this book can literally save you from making a $2,000.00 mistake.
240 pages
600 photos (many in color)
large format
deluxe binding
Price: $69.95